Great Embroidery is Art, Utility, Passion.

Superior embroidery is more than just beautiful. It’s designed to last. The challenge of creating durable, visually stunning garments is all in a day’s work at US Embroidery.

When beginning an embroidery project, any design must first be digitized – that is, digitally recreated in a format that can be read by our embroidery machines. The end goal is to create a blueprint for the machines to stitch a design that comes as close as possible to the original.

Our digitization process is better.

There’s more than one way to stitch a garment. Our approach is artistic and methodical. When we digitize designs, we focus on staying true to the original vision, but we reduce the number of stitches wherever possible.

Using fewer stitches is advantageous for several reasons. It can sometimes mean a price reduction of over 50% for the consumer, due to each piece requiring less thread and less time under the machine. It also means fewer thread breaks, which makes the end result more durable.